The very first Deck Tracker for Gwent

How to install

1. Extract the zip archive to a folder of your choice.
2. Start Gwent and go to the main menu.
3. Run GwentTracker.exe from the extracted files.
4. The tracker will now appear when ingame.

What does it do?

Due to the software still being under heavy development, the features are still very basic.
The following is a list of features that are already included or are currently being worked on.

Shows what's left in your own deck
Keeps track of what cards your opponent has played
View card details by clicking on cards in the tracker
Show MMR and ladder rank of both players if available
Show base strength of units by hovering them
Works in all game modes
Track games and show them in a Match History
Fully scalable for different resolutions and streamers
Shows what cards have been banished from the game
User interface to configure the tracker's behaviour
Keeps track of deck statistics (Win / Loss)
Export collection and decks (link is shareable)
Import decks that were previously exported
Automatic updates (no zip downloading)
Supports every single available language
Start with windows

Can i get banned for using this?

The short answer is: No, you can not get banned for using this.
I asked the developers for an official statement and got this.
Meaning, it is completly safe for you to use the deck tracker.