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First Glance

This is the thing you will be looking at most of the time. The heart of Gwent Tracker.

This is too much for you? Don't worry - you can disable everything and leave on what you like.


The Looks

This is the main menu with all it's tabs. You can view your match history and other stats in here.

You'll quickly notice that everything is super simple to setup and easy to understand.

Click the arrows below to have a look at the different sub menus.

The Full Set

Current Features

View cards in your deck

View cards in your graveyard

View your banished cards

In-depth deck statistics for every game mode

Shows your current MMR ingame

Everything is highly configurable

View details of a card by clicking on it

Works on every resolution

Base-strength display for hovered cards

Automatically starts with Gwent

View cards your opponent played

View cards in your opponent's graveyard

View your opponent's banished cards

In-depth match history across all modes

Shows your opponent's MMR ingame

Score difference with visual feedback

Multi-language support

Configurable Hotkeys

MMR Chart for your last 100 games

Planned Features

Online Match History

Windows outside of Gwent

Review played cards long after a game

View stats locally without Gwent running

Statistics reaching back to previous seasons

Online Deck Statistics

Even more in-depth statistics

Statistics against individual players

Import decks from various sites

Export / Share decks


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